How we list your material and why...

Our database is all about quality not quantity. Local Plant Source is doing a much better service to the landscape community by having fewer but more accurate, current and quality listings. Consider the following; Two pizza joints open up... one offers a gigantic menu with tons to offer. The second offers a limited menu of top quality, hand-selected toppings. The chef in the second restaurant is so strict on how fresh and delicious his ingredients are, he is constantly changing the menu. [Listing Limits]

Local Plant Source limits its vendors' listings to ensure exactly that. A constantly changing menu of only the top quality items for their customers. If a vendor maxes out their listings, it will force them to re-evaluate other listings, or simply update an existing listing. We base your max items on your current availability. We give you enough items to encompass your entire inventory and then some. What we do not want to accomodate is nurseries listing product that they don't actually own which creates an accountability issue.

[Listing Management]

Again, quality control. Standardization is key to your customers. Architects want to read and write specs in the same format, view photos taken within the same parameters, and see CURRENT information. We tossed around the idea of making available a web form for our customers to upload & update their information. But the discipline to do so generally does not exist in our industry. Typically information is entered or updated once or twice a year... The information is a flash in the pan. Our iOS application will make it much easier and much more fun for nurseries to manage their own listings. Even with the release of the app, we strongly encourage our nurseries to follow our photograph protocol.

[How we bill and why]

Local Plant Source bills an annual rate, paid quarterly. The annual rate generally ranges between $1,500 and $3,500 based on the size of your nursery and your material pallet. Not only are you guaranteed traffic by listing with LPS but we also help you manage your inventory, manage and store all of your photos and provide you with personal customer service. The personal touch is what we hope sets us apart from the rest. We're not just a web site. We want to be considered a part of your team. Our staff works hard to communicate, in person, with architects, contractors and growers to keep everyone attuned to industry trends. Well, that is, until we completely automate it ;)