Local Plant Source Mobile App

Local Plant Source is proud to announce the still nearing release of our true mobile app. Other sites claim to have mobile 'apps' but what they have is a mobile-device optimized site. We do too. This is great, but an app executes actions that impact the site. This is exactly what ours does.

If you're a vendor reading this, you frequently get calls requesting photos & specs of your product. You're probably a lot like our well known friend Bob. You send out thousands of photos a year to individual clients. This combined with updating your availability and current e-marketing processes probably cost you about 25% of your time (based on a completely unofficial and unbiased study by Local Plant Source).

Sure, by enlisting Local Plant Source as your photo and spec delivery-man you're washing yourself away of a TON of this work. But you still have an urge to deliver quality customer service to your customer which means custom photos on demand. Our app posts them on the website instantly. You simply snap a photo with your iOS device, punch in the species, specs and any detailed notes you want and upload. You can upload multiple photos under the same specs. Instead of 1 e-mail to 1 customer, reach thousands with the same effort!

Don't have an iOS device? Fine! We'll throw $100 in with your first year's membership to cover the cost of a 16GB iPod Touch. We'll cover the rest plus the sales tax and even deliver the device to your door. Just pay an extra $100 premium and watch your nursery come alive on the internet! The device is yours to keep after a 1 year contract!

Keep your material up to date with our app. It's fun and easy. So many online listing services demand a level of upkeep when the discipline simply does not exist to keep things truly current. Choose Local Plant Source and make it fun and easy!