Local Plant Source Proudly Presents New Nurseries!

If you've been on the site today you've probably noticed a small cosmetic adjustment on the search results & plant details pages. The little 'n' in the corner represents New Nurseries. If this is your first blog read, refer back to the Re-Wholesalers/Brokers article. New Nurseries recognized the benefit of online sourcing when first introduced to Local Plant Source. Finding accurate plant information, photos and specs is great but how does LPS get the physical material to the user? We can't e-mail you a 4" Cedar Elm for Godsake... So, not only do we connect you with the grower, but we connect you, the user, with an alternate source that can provide the exact material you find on our site!

All contractors have different needs; it depends on your company size, type of contractor you are and workload. We happily introduce re-wholesalers to our users because we want all our users to have a positive experience the whole way through the transaction. Some contractors are comfortable and capable of contacting growers directly and setting up an order and for a lot of others, it makes a lot more sense logistically and financially to use a re-wholesaler. By using Local Plant Source, you can shop from your desk to find the exact specimens you need for your project, reference your findings to New Nurseries and take your materials from a local nursery yard. Sometimes re-wholesalers are the path of least resistance and the best way to obtain your physical materials.

Many thanks to Brad Seever, General Manager of New Nurseries - Austin and his team for piloting this partnership with Local Plant Source! We encourage our users to check out their website and consider Brad and his helpful staff for future plant material needs!