ShippingShare Feature

During the long task of building LocalPlantSource we realized our tools did just about everything you could want to easily source plants - except one thing, logistics. While you can find the perfect specimen tree on our site, getting it to your project or nursery may be another story. Suppliers typically have minimum order amounts to justify freight, or the freight may be cost-prohibitive depending on the distance and the size of the order.

I mentioned 'piggy-backing' on my last post. In case you don't know what that means it's simply to combine multiple orders, for multiple customers on one truck. Piggy-backing makes it convenient for customers to get what they need and share the cost of the freight with the supplier's other customers on the truck. The suppliers love it because it enables them to fill an entire truck and invoice more material and spend less time on the road. And the customers are happy because they're getting what they need, when they need it!

All this being said, we created this simple, easy to use feature called 'ShippingShare'. It is an extremely valuable tool if it's used so I'm going to quickly walk through the process of using ShippingShare.

Why to use ShippingShare:

  • For Vendors
    • It's FREE!
    • Combine orders and reduce your time on the road
    • Find new customers
    • Save your customers money on freight by shipping multiple orders
    • Better accommodate your customers' needs by being more flexible in your shipping schedule
    • Save fuel & reduce your carbon footprint
    • Stop shipping partial loads!!!
    • For Buyers
      • It's FREE!
      • Add on to existing trucks to fill last minute orders
      • Find new vendors
      • Reduce your on-site inventory by taking smaller orders

First off - if you haven't become a member, please do so. If you don't want to fill out the full registration right away, select the 'Quick Access' option from the Sign in drop-down menu:

Quick Access only asks for your first & last name, e-mail and to designate what type of user you are.

Ok, so now you're in, and it only took a few seconds right? Easy.

Click on the ShippingShare tab at the top, this wasn't available before you registered. Click on 'Add Shipping Details'...

It doesn't matter if you're the buyer or the seller. 

  • The City of Origin is where the supplier is located
  • The Destination City is where the delivery is being made to, you can have multiple cities for multiple drops. This is especially common on material coming from out of state.
  • Type of equipment; this is a free text box so give as much information as you can for example; 32' dovetail, 48' Refrigerated Van, 16' Box Truck, 48' Vented Van w/ Racks, etc. etc.
  • If you have a finite delivery date, enter the same date in both the beginning range and the end. If you're flexible, simply enter the earliest date you could accept delivery, and the absolute latest you could send or receive the order.
  • Your contact information will link to your profile so other viewers can contact you to add to your shipment.

At midnight of the end date range, the posting will disappear so you never have to worry about old, outdated entries.

The more users signed up, the more useful this will be for everyone!