Wouldn't it be nice...

Wouldn't it be nice if every time a customer asked for a photo of your material, not only could you send it to him or her quickly, but you simultaneously sent it to thousands of other potential customers? Imagine if each time you had a new crop ready you could show it to the world in about 5 seconds. What if all of these conveniences lived on your iPhone? Just think, someone wants a tour of your farm but they can't make the trip anytime soon. Photograph your nursery from your iPhone and watch your inventory at LocalPlantSource.com grow instantly. Now thousands of customers can tour your farm right from their office.

A turnkey web service that opens the doors of your nursery up to thousands of customers with no manual data-entry, no confusing web-forms, no delay, and no expensive development costs or upkeep. Deliver your inventory to the internet through your iPhone... Isn't it about time our industry started taking advantage of all of this wonderful, cheap technology?

For all we know it could be just around the corner... ;)

Have a good weekend!