LPS Introduces iFrame Plug-in

A common rebuttal in our sales process is, "Well we already have a website." This is true of most everyone we pitch to. It's difficult to have a quality sales call combined with the task of quantifying what a good website is, and what it can do. Most nurseries do have a website, a lot of them are very nice and obviously required a significant investment to create. Local Plant Source decided to implement an iFrame to combine the customization of a nursery's own website with the power of LPS. After all, how many nursery's websites actually have a current availability posted? I can think of 5. Now, members of LPS can simply copy and paste a snippet of code into their own site and instantly, a live availability shows up. The iFrame is updated the same time their LPS profile is updated. It displays a thumbnail photo, common name, botanical name and specs! Users can even search the availability by typing in either the common or botanical name, just like on the site!

Adding the LPS iFrame takes only a couple of minutes and it adds worlds of value to your own website. Let us know how we can help!