Plant Pricing and Plant Quantities

We get a lot of feedback from folks wondering why we don't post pricing or quantities on the site. We believe we have very good reasons for not listing either on Local Plant Source. Both are SO subjective it would be counter-productive and perhaps have a negative impact on our nursery customers. Quantities

An experienced industry professional generally knows the capability of their suppliers. Does it make sense to call a 3 acre nursery to see if they have 1,500 #1 Perennials?

You were probably thinking 'no'... Well, maybe not but a lot of factors have to be taken into account before a buyer should just write off a supplier because the availability that was faxed 2 weeks ago that's been laying on their desk lists only (100) of the needed plant.

  • What is the timeline for installation?
  • What season is it?
  • How much green house space do they have?
  • Has the supplier sold the product before?

Assuming the obvious concerns (pricing, quality, credit standing, etc.) are acceptable to the buyer, this could be a feasible deal. If you have enough time before installation, you're in a warm season and the grower is willing to do it... They can be grown!

An unqualified buyer might see a lesser quality listed somewhere and that grower just missed a sale! Not good. It could have worked out... This is why we feel we're doing an injustice to our growers in forcing them to list quantities, especially in anything smaller than a #15. That, and the seemingly impossible task of keeping the quantities straight as they literally change by the minute.


This is another sticky-icky that we'd rather not get into. It's a double-edged sword for the grower. If they list their highest or their 'list' price, they're potentially pricing themselves out of the sale before they even knew they were a candidate supplier! If they list their rock bottom lowest price they run into a gamut of issues; they end up selling their material at their bottom dollar to Mrs. Smith the homeowner who 'knows a landscaper' and takes up hours of their time, customers could misinterpret the price to mean a 'landed price' even though the supplier had no clue a contractor 500 miles away was using their pricing, or their smaller volume customers that generally pay a premium get their feelings hurt and the supplier has some explaining to do! The list could go on and on. Sure, if everyone listed their highest price you could see who's more or less expensive comparatively but we still believe it does a great injustice to our growers.

Pricing is very subjective. There are so few nurseries anymore that have one solid price list. There are quite a few that have a set price list, with set pricing tiers, but the majority of the suppliers out there price their material based on the following:

  • Credit history
    • This one is HUGE. Volume doesn't mean ANYTHING to a grower if you make them wait 90-120 days for payment. In fact, if you do, and you're a high volume customer, you're probably making things worse on them.
    • Relationship
      • Another huge one. When the buyer and seller have had a long standing good business relationship, this puts both parties in a very good spot. Business can be done easily, and everyone wins.
      • Volume
        • Yes, it matters. But still nobody wants to deal with you if you can't pay and you make every order a blood boiling challenge to expedite.

Eventually we would like to put some general data on the material we list such as average stocking level and highest possible stock level. We would also like to collect the list price and not display it, but only display comparative data and no actual prices.

We want our site to be about quality, and finding exactly what you want, with ease and without taking any exceptions.