What contract growing can do for you...

Over the past 12 months I've had the pleasure of working with Tyler Zickert, Residential Design Director at Clean Scapes, LP on a private residential project. The needs of residential clients are generally much higher than the needs of commercial clients, and they must be met! Tyler Zickert and Clean Scapes, LP were able to pull of just this. Essentially any need can be met on a project regarding plant material given the grower is given an appropriate timeline. Shrubs can be grown into an instant hedge, magnolias, esperanzas, vines can come pre-grown onto a trellis. Arbors can even be created with two trees and installed as an instant natural arbor. With the right idea, and the right amount of planning time, your imagination is the only limit.

Tyler was able to install nearly mature perennials throughout this incredible project by having them custom grown into 3-gallon buckets instead of the traditional 1-gallon. The result was a breathtaking, instantaneous 'finished' look despite the fact this photo was taken while the project was still in progress! The star of this photo are the 3-gallon gray santolina perfectly produced by Joss Growers, an LPS member.

Remember, with proper planning just about anything can be achieved with your plant material. As with everything else, it just takes time and planning. Don't 'design yourself short', take the necessary measures to find exactly what you're looking for and settle for nothing less. Tyler did!