Rio Mandevilla- now in containers

Thanks to the The Texas Superstar Program for providing information on this month's newest promotion, the Rio series Mandevilla (Mandevilla syn. Dipladenia). Mandevillas now come in sizes that are compact enough to grow in a container.


  • glossy foliage
  • broad, showy, trumpet shaped flowers
  • pink, hot pink, and deep red.
  • grow upright with little or no twining
  • flower heavily on compact plants
  • best grown in large patio containers (no trellis needed)
  • thrive in heat with some mid-late afternoon shade

Grow them alone or mix them with other summer annuals. They will tolerate denser shade, but will actually try to twine and won’t flower as heavily when light becomes limited. Rios perform better in containers, they can be grown in the ground also and do best in a bed nicely worked with organic matter in a location with some afternoon shade.

Are you growing Rios this year or plan to for next? Let us know, we'd love to help get your inventory in front of buyers.