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Southern Botanical’s 2011 Grand Platinum Win

Southern Botanical’s 2011 Grand Platinum Win

Every year, the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association calls for submissions to the Texas Excellence in Landscaping Awards. There are categories for commercial and residential properties. Within each category, a firm can enter installation, maintenance, and special projects. The installation categories include subcategories for the value of the job, so a $25K project isn’t competing with a project that costs $100K+.

The program is open to all landscape architects, landscape designers, contractors and firms that devote a major part of their business to landscape design, installation, interior landscape, and/or landscape maintenance. The work must have been done in Texas and completed within the last year.

The entries are evaluated by a panel of experts in the Texas landscaping industry and judged on difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail and other criteria.

Winners are published in the TNLA GREEN magazine and promoted in the industry throughout the year.

Are you a past winner? We’d love to know more about you, your work, and how your project is functioning today.