Are you open for business?

Texas is open for business. The good news for landscape contractors, landscape architects, general contractors, and producers of ornamental horticulture products—single family construction permits and housing starts have increased for the last several months. Housing starts increased 15%, and single family housing construction permits rose 3.2%. Thanks to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas for publishing and tracking these indicators. No doubt with construction and housing starts on the rise, there is plenty of demand and opportunity for landscape architects and contractors. This demand translates into a need for being visible and efficient with your potential new customer base.

Where does your business come from? How do companies and homeowners know that you exist?

Whether you’re getting referrals through general contractors or hired directly by homeowners, it is critical that you have an online presence. Chances are, your potential development partners are going to check out your website.

Hubspot, an inbound marketing software platform, has published and shared this handy website audit guide and recommends a website audit every year. Is every page achieving its goal? Are the calls to action clear and above the fold?

We are in a state of continuous improvement on our own website; as our clients express new and different needs, we adapt and adopt practices that are useful to them. Have you undergone a website redesign? Need advice from the very basics? Ask us your questions and let us know about your experiences.