Blackberries for all of Texas


Today, the Texas AgriLifeannounced that the Natchez thornless blackberry is the newest member of the Texas Superstar family. This thornless variety produces large berries full of flavor, and now is a great time to plant for fruit next year. Texas is a large state. Water quality, soil chemistry, and weather patterns are far different in North East Texas than they are in Central Texas or the Rio Grande Valley. The growing conditions for these Natchez thronless blackberries can be adapted to succeed in geographically diverse conditions all around Texas.

Dr. Mike Arnold, AgriLife Research horticulturist and Texas Superstar board member, said, “In areas where soil characteristics are not conducive to in-ground culture, plants can be grown successfully in large patio containers or raised beds using commercial potting mixes. Alternatively, where regional water quality, for instance in areas with salty water, presents challenges, irrigation with collected rainwater or reverse-osmosis treated water can permit successful culture.”

The Texas Superstar program identifies, selects, and tests varieties of different plants that will propagate easily and perform well in Texas.

Which is your favorite Texas Superstar? Let us know, and send us photos!