We've grown a lot, fellow Nurserymen.

American Nurserymen magazine just published a look back at Nursery Census figures from the 1950’s, and the growth is staggering. In the 50’s, there were just over 4,600 nurseries, producing $132 million in sales. The industry employed 38,000 people and paid $46 million in wages and salaries.

Looking at today’s numbers, Houston growers exceeded those sales with $197 million in sales in 2011 (the date of most recently data available), while Dallas growers reported over $147 million in sales that same year. To be fair, if we adjust for inflation, the $132 million in 1950 would equal $1.2 billion in today’s dollars. But that’s still less than the total Grower sales in Texas in 2011, which came in at $1.9 billion.

Today, thanks to healthy housing and construction market, Texas growers are logging more in sales than the entire U.S. industry in 1950. That’s a long way to grow in 60 years—and we’re still growing.

Thanks to Texas Nursery and Landscape Association for publishing the most recent Texas Green Industry economic study.

And also thanks to American Nurseryman magazine for publishing the 1950 nursery census numbers.

How have you seen your sales grow since your inception? What challenges did you face as your business grew? Feel free to share them with us.