Get social and get paid on Facebook

A few months back, we wrote about conducting a website audit to make sure inbound traffic (aka your customers) can get what they need to make a transaction with your company. Over the past few years, the use of social media has become an essential driver of that traffic, and can offer added benefits to your online presence. Alek Flekl, a business writer for Yahoo! does a nice job of summarizing the benefits in his article, 6 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Make You Money. He offers insights on Traffic, Exposure, Engagement, Market Research, Reputation, and Accessibility.

Facebook is one of several social media sites that can broaden your reach and your presence with new and returning customers.

Are you trying to increase your visibility to new customers and audiences? A daily post on your page and comments on someone else’s page can keep your name and brand out there for people to see.

Do you want to launch a new service or product? Pilot it on Facebook and get feedback before you launch it. Your page followers and friends will offer comments and insights that you otherwise would have had to pay for by conducting focus groups.

The good news is that Facebook is accessible across many platforms and devices – so you don’t have to worry whether or not your customer is using an iPad,iPhone, Andriod, or other tablet.

In what ways are you using Facebook to generate business? We’d love to hear your ideas or questions.