Happy trails, Jimmy Turner!

The Dallas Arboretum’s Director of Horticulture and Research, Jimmy Turner is leaving to direct the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, Australia, according to the Dallas Morning News Garden Editor Mariana Greene. Jimmy Turner has been with the Dallas Arboretum for over a decade and done much to keep the love of gardening alive. Particularly in these very dry days, his optimistic attitude has helped – “The success of my garden is built on the compost of my failures,” is one of his colorful quotes—make sure to view Mariana Greene’s farewell article to read more, they are really thought provoking and very Texan.

The trial gardens at the Dallas Arboretum serve a critical purpose to our industry: “The main focus of the plant testing program is to grow and evaluate many different plants in the drastic climate of the Metroplex and North Central Texas, and develop new plant selections. Information generated from these trials is provided to commercial plant producers, retailers, and home gardeners.”

Mr. Turner will be missed, and we look forward to learning more about his new adventures in Australia.

Did you have the pleasure of knowing Mr. Turner or visiting the Dallas Arboretum? Share your highlights with us.