Healthy Houseplants

By Savannah Rainey

Research shows that adding some green to your living room, office, lobby or other interior space can help improve moods, productivity, memory and focus, and many growers are working to spread the word to consumers through marketing campaigns, blogs and social media.

In Canada, Plants Love You is a new campaign that aims to spread the good news of plant benefits by providing articles and other information to both growers and retailers, while American efforts such as National Indoor Plant Week and Green Plants For Green Buildings tout benefits such as providing indoor shade, air purification, less stressful environments and more creative atmospheres. 

Growers such as Delray Plants and Costa Farms are using this to their advantage. Both companies have developed marketing strategies for their houseplants based on what each plant has to offer.

Delray's Plants With Benefits program began in 2013 and consists of a line of foliage plants, each with a pot cover that displays it's benefits, such as “Reduces Depression” and “Increases Optimism.” The campaign includes easy-to-follow care and maintenance instructions. The program has been so successful that Delray has added new plants to the line every year. As Delray Plants’ Director of Trade Marketing Natalie Disciascio says of the program, “We recognize the importance of being innovative in our industry, and even though everyone is selling plants, it’s really how you sell them that makes a difference... We’re really focused on making a difference — on how we can help our customers reach that end consumer.”

Costa Farms has been working to promote all the benefits of houseplants since the 80s, and they now have three programs dedicated to this goal: O2 For You, which emphasizes the air cleaning qualities of plants; Plants Of Steel, which focuses on low maintenance plants; and Exotic Angels, a line of hardy and versatile plants. To promote interest from millennials, they have begun giving away plants on college campuses and using videos and social media as a huge part of their marketing strategy.

We'd love to see how you're using indoor plants in your home and office! What indoor plants have you found most beneficial or easiest to maintain? Send photos of your indoor plant spaces to