Beyond Earth Month: Celebrating our Planet All Year Long

By Savannah Rainey

April is over and Earth Day and Earth Month have ended, but that doesn't mean the importance of thinking about the environment and how to improve it has decreased. While Earth Day helps cities all over the world motivate people to improve green spaces and the environment for one day with festivals and other projects, there are still 364 other days in the year. So here are a few ways you can continue to make a positive impact on the environment.

Earth Day every day with Pivot TV

Pivot TV is "a new TV network where what you watch does make a difference."  Their goal is to not only provide entertainment but also give viewers ways to get involved and learn more about certain issues. All throughout the month of April, Pivot featured programming that teaches about the planet and highlights environmental issues.  To compliment their shows, the network also has a "Take Action" section to help link viewers to petitions, pledge drives and non-profit groups helping the environment. For instance, you can pledge to improve your recycling habits and sign a petition to demand climate change action.  To see a full list of actions, visit their TakePart page here.

Follow #EarthDayEveryDay on Twitter and Instagram


The #EarthDayEveryDay hashtag on Instagram and Twitter encourages individuals and organizations to take photos of yourself and others helping the Earth and contributing to a healthy planet. The hashtag was most active during Earth Month, when Pivot held a contest to award the most creative and inspirational submissions with prizes, but helping the Earth and spreading the word is a prize in itself.

Get Involved with the Earth Day Network

Don't be fooled by the name. The Earth Day Network has ways to get get involved year-round.  One such campaign is the A Billion Acts of Green movement which started on Earth Day 2010.  The original goal was for individuals, companies, communities, and other organizations to register the actions they take to improve the environment until they all added up to a billion acts.  That goal was met in 2012, and now the Earth Day Network is encouraging people to keep going, with a new goal of 2 billion acts.  The actions range from pledging to buy more local produce to donating to help save the Asian Elephant and are updated as new projects are available.

The Earth Day Network also encourages people to get involved  through their Green Cities Campaign, a global movement that helps citizens call upon their local elected officials and community leaders to make their cities 100 percent renewable by the year 2050.  The campaign offers tips on different ways to engage with community leaders, as well as answers to questions about the necessity of 100 percent renewable cities.

Sign a few petitions

One of the easiest ways to promote positive environmental change is to show your support by signing petitions on There are many petitions available with many different goals, whether you want to encourage businesses to curb environmentally problematic practices or tell legislators that you support green bills, you are likely to find an ongoing petition to get behind. (You can also start your own).  If you feel very strongly about a particular issue, you can share petitions on Facebook to spread the word.

Calculate your carbon and water footprints

Want to know just how much of an impact your everyday actions are having on the environment?  You can use this carbon footprint calculator and this water footprint calculator to see how much damage your household or business is doing. After using the calculators, both sites also offer ways to reduce your footprint and conserve water and energy on an individual and corporate scale.