Local Plant Source Welcomes Bob Dolibois to the Team

Local Plant Source is excited to add Bob Dolibois, the former executive vice president of the American Nursery and Landscape Association, to our team. Dolibois is serving the team in an advisory capacity and will be assisting with creating strategic partnerships and business development opportunities moving forward.

Dolibois spent more than 20 years in the nursery and landscaping industry serving growers, landscape firms and retail garden centers before retiring in 2012. He is known for his forward-thinking talks on the future of the horticultural industry and is the author of the upcoming book “Back Then to Right Now: The Horticultural Industry Comes of Age,” which will be available for purchase in July.

He is joining the Local Plant Source team because of the critical services it provides and the necessity of those services in ensuring the future success of the nursery and landscaping industry.

“There is this gap between what landscape architects would like to have in the landscape site versus what types of plants are available,” Dolibois said, adding that the ANLA began looking at ways to close the gap back in 1991 but could not find a successful nationwide model that an association could develop. It became clear that the solution would have to come from the private sector. “What Local Plant Source does is actually provide a bridge between the landscaping designer or architect and the plant industry that is very useful.”

It took decades, during which time the industry saw some game-changing developments that allowed landscapers to buy plants from nurseries and growers across the country. Chief among those developments is the growing ease with which plants can be grown and shipped in containers.

“The preponderance of containerized plant material now makes it possible to have a much broader marketplace. It just makes for more flexibility. So now all of a sudden, the notion of Local Plant Source, which is essentially an online catalogue created to locate species of plants, makes a whole lot of sense — a lot more sense than it did 20 years ago,” Dolibois said.

Dolibois said he firmly believes that Local Plant Source’s services can benefit both growers and sellers.

“Local Plant Source is a resource for landscape architects because it can help them understand more about what plants are out there and more about what intricacies are involved with growing plants,” he said. “From the grower’s side, Local Plant Source is an Internet-based program that is actually worth the effort they need to go through to actually get a real-time inventory. It will be an excellent marketing tool for them and allow for more contract growing to manifest in the industry, where architects and growers are building relationships and communication with each other.”