Local Plant Source Announces New Time-Saving Measurement Service

Between caring for plants, taking inventory, managing costs, shipping and marketing — and all the other jobs that go with running a successful nursery — growers have a lot on their plates. But now thanks to a new Local Plant Source service, growers can forget about one necessary but time-consuming headache: measuring the plants they want to sell.

Local Plant Source has partnered with Smart Picture Technologies to offer a new cutting-edge service that will allow Local Plant Source staff to accurately and quickly measure plants for clients using just a photograph showing the plant next to a special target card.

A Smarter Picture:

Smart Picture Technologies uses patent-pending technology to allow smart phone users to create 2D images and 3D models that contain millions of measurement data points. It also uses a specially-designed Smart Picture target card to serve as a measurement reference point.

Smart Picture Technologies allows Local Plant Source clients to capture plant measurements using only a target card and smart phone.

Smart Picture Technologies allows Local Plant Source clients to capture plant measurements using only a target card and smart phone.

Using the Smart Picture target card instead of a tape measurer should save growers time and effort and make measurements more precise, said Local Plant Source co-founder Zac Tolbert, a benefit that is consistent with Local Plant Source’s mission to make business easier and more efficient for plant growers and buyers.

“When you’re measuring a plant, it almost always takes the efforts of two people: one to measure the plant and one to take the photo. And you’ve got to measure vertically and horizontally, which isn’t easy to do for larger plants. With this, it just takes one person to set the stand down and take the photo. It cuts your man-hours spent measuring in half, if not more,” Tolbert said.

The service should help speed up and improve communication between plant growers and buyers, one of Local Plant Source’s fundamental missions.

“We are always looking for ways to get the information that our buyers need while making life easier for our clients. Using this service, growers won’t have to measure a plant’s height, spread, caliper or lowest branch. We can do it for them. That’s a dramatic time-savings that we are thrilled to be able to give to our clients,” he added. “And buyers won’t have questions about whether a plant meets their specific size requirements. This service can provide them with a level of confidence that they are getting what they need.”

Simple Steps for Growers to Take:

To take advantage of the new service, growers should:

  1. Email sales@localplantsource.com and ask for a Smart Picture card. Local Plant Source will mail clients the card and stand free of charge.
  2. Stand the card next to the plant they need measured. Take a clear photograph that shows the whole plant and the card using a smart phone or camera. The photograph should be taken as close to the plant as possible, without cutting anything out of the photo. The card does not work with plants that are more than 16 feet tall.
  3. Email the photo to their Local Plant Source service member, who will run it through the software and report the dimensions of the plant back to growers.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.