Changes to SmartPicture Service Will Help Create Sustainable, Long-term Tool

SmartPicture software allows growers to easily measure plants.

SmartPicture software allows growers to easily measure plants.

Over the past few months, Local Plant Source has been piloting a new cutting-edge tool for our growers to use that helps them communicate plant measurements to landscape architects and contractors more effectively and efficiently.

The tool is called "SmartPicture," and it allows growers to measure plants and trees by simply placing a SmartPicture target card next to a plant and taking a photo — no measuring tapes needed. Each plant is then measured using sophisticated, easy-to-use software. SmartPicture is accurate and immediate, and helps save growers from having to send two employees out just to measure a single plant.

We recently had the opportunity to show this tool to the masses at the Texas Nursery and Landscaping Association's Expo 2015. While we knew that clients would love SmartPicture, the demand for it is greater than we anticipated!

Now that we know the demand, we are making a few changes to keep SmartPicture sustainable into the future. We are working with our partners to allow any grower, landscape architect or contractor direct access to this software. This will allow everyone to get immediate measurements with just a few clicks. To make this happen, we are working on the incredibly short "how-to" guide and spec sheet now and will soon begin rolling out the service in phases based on business need. Tree farms will be the first to trial the service, while we gather more information from other interested businesses.

We'd like to thank all those inquiring for their patience and anticipation as we continue developing this service to meet your needs. For more information or to get placed on the waiting list, please email us at