enhancing productivity

Landscape contractors are often tasked with constructing designs using materials that may or may not be available from suppliers they may or may not know. Finding the right materials at the right prices is often a joyless and time-consuming process. Our team uses the data we collect from our supplier network to allow our contractors a frustration-free method of navigating the complex marketplace.

Our network includes thousands of suppliers nationwide. The knowledge we get from working with them helps to ensure that your project bids are competitive, accurate and informed. We help contractors win bids based on their services and reputation — not on their limited supplier networks.

Photo by DGLimages/iStock / Getty Images

LPS Helps Contractors:

  • Instantly conduct local or nationwide plant searches
  • Access and maintain relationships with thousands of suppliers
  • Manage all green-line needs through a single point of contact
  • Analyze the market, including:
    • Accurate estimation
    • RFIs & submittal generation
    • Shipping and logistics
    • Consolidated invoicing and payment terms
  • Review projects and track progress through our web and mobile interface