create demand that influences

From the Gardens of Versailles to the supermarket parking lot, landscape architects create beautiful and inspiring spaces to connect our urbanized world to nature. But landscape architects run into the same challenges again and again: the plants they are inspired by and that clients want are hard to find or sold out. 

Traditionally, supply and demand communication between landscape architects and suppliers has fallen short, causing both parties to suffer: Suppliers wind up with unsellable plants and landscape architects have to redraw plans based on substitutions and comparable materials. We created Local Plant Source to bridge the gap.

Photo by PocholoCalapre/iStock / Getty Images

LPS Helps Landscape Architects:

  • Communicate trends and needs to directly to suppliers early enough to get results
  • Analyze market conditions to:
    • Predict and understand shortages
    • Use new, native, or sustainable species
  • Standardize sourcing and submittals across all projects
  • Quickly review and select suitable substitutions that work