The wholesale plant and landscaping industry is a complex business impacted by the different timetables and needs of its stakeholders, and by nature itself. Our tools and services were designed to see the forest from the trees. Our platform allows us to gather large amounts of supply and demand data and interpret it into simple, easy-to-understand insights that help landscape architects, contractors and suppliers prosper together.

The challenges we face as an industry are real but solvable. Suppliers must invest in growing plant materials years before those materials are marketable, which often results in shortages and wasted products. We work with landscape architects and real estate developers to provide suppliers with the earliest possible insights into crop planning. Additionally, we communicate suppliers' available materials to landscape architects to influence upcoming demand. Our team provides insights that highlight pricing outliers, warn of non-viable solutions, and identify shortages before they impact project budgets and completions.

create demand that influences

From the Gardens of Versailles to the supermarket parking lot, landscape architects create beautiful and inspiring spaces to connect our urbanized world to nature. But landscape architects run into the same challenges again and again: the plants they are inspired by and that clients want are hard to find or sold out. 

Traditionally, supply and demand communication between landscape architects and suppliers has fallen short, causing both parties to suffer: Suppliers wind up with unsellable plants and landscape architects have to redraw plans based on substitutions and comparable materials. We created Local Plant Source to bridge the gap.

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LPS Helps Landscape Architects:

  • Communicate trends and needs to directly to suppliers early enough to get results
  • Analyze market conditions to:
    • Predict and understand shortages
    • Use new, native, or sustainable species
  • Standardize sourcing and submittals across all projects
  • Quickly review and select suitable substitutions that work

enhancing productivity

Landscape contractors are often tasked with constructing designs using materials that may or may not be available from suppliers they may or may not know. Finding the right materials at the right prices is often a joyless and time-consuming process. Our team uses the data we collect from our supplier network to allow our contractors a frustration-free method of navigating the complex marketplace.

Our network includes thousands of suppliers nationwide. The knowledge we get from working with them helps to ensure that your project bids are competitive, accurate and informed. We help contractors win bids based on their services and reputation — not on their limited supplier networks.

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LPS Helps Contractors:

  • Instantly conduct local or nationwide plant searches
  • Access and maintain relationships with thousands of suppliers
  • Manage all green-line needs through a single point of contact
  • Analyze the market, including:
    • Accurate estimation
    • RFIs & submittal generation
    • Shipping and logistics
    • Consolidated invoicing and payment terms
  • Review projects and track progress through our web and mobile interface

Invest in the future

Suppliers are the lifeblood of the landscaping industry. Local Plant Source services complete the supply chain by linking supply to demand and demand to supply. We understand the limitations suppliers face in managing their success: greenhouse processes, future forecasting and economic uncertainty make it difficult to market available materials, meet buyer expectations and manage inventory. Our service is dedicated to finding solutions to your challenges.

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LPS Helps Suppliers:

  • Manage high-quality, profitable relationships with more customers
  • Streamline customer service, communication and sales
  • Make crop planning decisions based on unprecedented insights into upcoming demand
  • Bring predictability to large orders
  • Coordinate contract grows
  • Track orders and respond to RFIs through our web and mobile applications