"Five years ago, I was designing the landscape for a high-profile hotel expansion in downtown Austin. While the multi-layered decision making process added complexity to the project, I finally got the design concept and the contractor’s bid approved. Needless to say, the project appeared on-track... then, the nightmare unfolded. One week before the Grand Opening, we discovered that the project’s signature plants were unavailable - placing the project completion, the integrity of the design and our relationship with the client in jeopardy.
Over the coming months, I reflected, asking myself: How could I have avoided such a train wreck? Where could I go to find reliable plant information that is up-to-date? How could I avoid wasting so much time calling just to research plant material? Finding no real solution, the idea for Local Plant Source was born: A fair and open marketplace that connects everyone in the commercial landscape industry and provides them with rich information, creating a level playing field for designers, contractors and plant suppliers alike.
Technology has increased efficiency, sustainability and profitability across many industries - empowering companies to communicate freely with their customers, and improving the entire supply chain. A connected and efficient green industry is closer than you think, but we need your help to get there.
Join us as we embark on this journey together.
J. Zac Tolbert, RLA, LEED AP